Virat Kohli Workout And Diet Plan

Virat Kohli has worked very hard to reach where he is. His perseverance and exceptional talent has been well rewarded in the recent years.

Cricket is a game which requires both fitness and concentration. Players must require fitness, speed, and ability to play long games in cricket. Professional cricketers are very strict to diet plan. Eating right food will help you to be fit and fine. Just day-long training in nets will not work; you have to concentrate towards your diet plan as well to remain fit. Now a day, normally every cricketer goes to gym for heavy workout and to train body at next level.

Virat Kohli keeps a strict check on his diet and his fitness regime. When the cricketer is off ground, he is into hardcore training.

In the gym, Virat Kohli  simply loves his “lifting sessions”. An accomplished batsman, he realises the importance of building upper body strength.

Virat Kohli loves dried fruits and nuts the most. On many occasions virat advised avoiding junk food.

Good protein intake is what Virat prefers, as it helps in muscle building. This in-turn gives strength and stamina to hit some great cracking shots.