Coronavirus -COVID-19- Treatment

Coronaviruses are positive-stranded RNA viruses having a characteristic crown-like appearance under electron microscope. These Coronaviruses replicate using a nested set of mRNAs. The coronavirus subfamily is classified into four genera: alpha, beta, gamma, and delta coronaviruses. At the end of the 2019, a novel coronavirus COVID-19, was identified as the cause of the many pneumonia cases in the wuhan city of china. Previously. The COVID-19 then spread to the other parts of china and also made an entry to many other countries of the world.

There is no evidence that current medicine available can prevent or cure the disease. Actually there is no vaccine or any natural health products to treat or protect against COVID-19. However, there are several clinical trials going on in the different parts of the world. We hope a vaccine will be developed soon to fight against the COVID-19 and give us a smile. Avoid contacts with social people and stay safe.